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The Cast

JC Reading 6-6-20.jpeg
Zoom Reading of SEASON TWO in June 2020
(left to right)
Indy Saini, Lisa Temple, Rich Brunner,
Karen Kahler, Jaclyn Lehrer, Toni Christopher,
Robert Dominick Jones, Erika Garces, Anna Remus
Christina Ogunade, Patricia Mizen, Paula Fins



Getting Older ISN’T for the Faint of Heart – and neither is acting!

So I feel especially blessed and grateful to work with these talented actresses as we represent

Middle-Aged Ladies everywhere.


After all, life doesn’t stop at Middle-Age​. It’s a staircase that we continue to ascend in order to become our very best selves. We want to tell the stories (sometimes hilariously; sometimes painfully) of 

Women Going Through the Change! 

COME WATCH the series that's garnered NINE Awards, including


Best Ensemble Performance


Best TV Episode of a Web Series

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MSS-2305R (Crop).jpg

Lisa Temple

as Emily,

Family Court Judge

Karen Kahler IMDb.jpg

Karen Kahler

as Jane,

Civil Court Judge

Toni Christopher IMDb.jpg

Toni Christopher

as Barbara, 

Civil Rights Advocate

Patricia Mizen as Meredith.jpg

Patricia Mizen

as Meredith,

Business Woman


Christina Ogunade

as Ramona,

the Therapist

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