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Meet The Production Team

Lisa's FB Live Chat with Director Indy Saini


1st Pre-Production Meeting in Feb 2020

with Rich, Lisa & Indy!


We were happily in Pre-Production and building our team of Female Filmmakers, when the pandemic shut TV and Film Production down. We sadly said goodbye to our June 2020 shoot dates...and scheduled end of July dates. We were hopeful, but like so many productions, we had to cancel the shoot until further notice. We wonder when all the safety protocols can be met, and so far, there are no plans.

But in the Spring of 2020 we persevered, and had a Zoom Reading of one episode, which was so fun! That motivated us to finish writing Season Two, and we were then able to to have a reading of it on June 6th. Even though there were challenges, the reading went very well and we really enjoyed seeing each other once again...on Zoom, of course. As we waited, we could celebrate that we were ready to go. 


Rich Brunner is my husband, Co-Executive Producer, and Script Editor, and was just as excited as I about this project. We have always wanted to team up as writers and producers, and this series has been an amazing experience for both of us. We've learned so much about filmmaking, and have enjoyed stepping into the world of being Content Creators.

Watch the video above to meet the magical Indy Saini, who I was so excited to work with as our Director for Season Two. I know Indy would've brought her special artistry to our series!

I'm also pleased to introduce new team member, Line Producer Jaclyn Lehrer, originally from NYC. 

Thanks so much for being a GIFT FROM THE UNIVERSE, Team!!

We remain excited to share this AWARD-WINNING KILLER WEB SERIES with you!

SEASON ONE received NINE AWARDS, including BEST TV EPISODE (Hollywood Just4Shorts)

and BEST ACTING ENSEMBLE (Independent Shorts Awards).

You can watch SEASON ONE on our YouTube Channel!!


Lisa Temple

Creator, Writer,

Executive Producer

MSS-1582R_8x10 Print_edited.jpg

Rich Brunner

Executive Producer


Indy Saini



Jaclyn Lehrer

Line Producer


A big SHOUT OUT to Season One Director Jill Maxy, DP Indy Saini, and Editor Susan Demskey-Horiuchi for their tremendous work on my series!! These ladies worked long tireless hours to bring our first season to completion, and I really can't thank them enough for their commitment. 

My husband Rich and I are thrilled and amazed that these groovy ladies showed up to support us,

without whom this would not have happened!!


And a very special thanks to Rich, my loving and incredibly supportive husband. Rich became the Swiss Army Knife during the shoot as he juggled set design, crafty, producing, and my emotional support. Ha!


I'm incredibly grateful that everyone committed to seeing my dream come to life,

and I can only describe this group of talented artists as a gift!


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