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About Judgment Call

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“Getting Older Isn’t for the Faint of Heart.” Ain’t that the truth?! This is a Web Series about 5 Middle-Aged Career Ladies who are dear friends. Think of them as the ladies between "Sex And The City" and "Grace And Frankie." 

A first-time filmmaker, Lisa Temple broke through her writer's block in 2019 by writing, producing, and starring in this, her first web series, using an almost exclusively female cast and crew! They all want to celebrate and enjoy middle-age, and getting older, by sharing their experiences, especially with humor. Why not?! There are already tons of shows about Generations X, Y and Z, so the series invites you to get to know some groovy ladies in their 50s!


Join these ladies (from an under-celebrated demographic!) as they navigate the 'other' change of life: menopause. These ladies are always there for each other through intense hot flashes, 180 degree mood swings, and inconvenient leaky bladders. Do they really want another donut, or is it just their hormones talking? Will they ever be able to drink red wine again without breaking into a sweat? Getting older isn't for the faint of heart. Every day is a Judgment Call. Thanks for watching! 

Lisa Temple

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